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ORO Disposable Vape

ORO Disposable Vape
ORO Disposable Vape
ORO Disposable Vape
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ORO Disposable Vape
ORO Disposable Vape
ORO Disposable Vape
ORO Disposable Vape

ORO Disposable Vape

From The Makers of Lemon Twist

The ORO disposable vape devices are available in a range of flavor options, including Apple Ice, Blue Raz, Frozen Banana, Lush Ice, Lychee Ice, Mango Lychee, Melon Ice, Orange Soda, Peach Ice, Strawberry Ice.

The device provides 300 puffs.

Each pack includes 1 disposable pod device. Each device features 5% nicotine.

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Flavor Profiles:

Mango Lychee: Perfectly ripened mangoes mixed with the incredibly sweet Lychee 
Orange Soda: Freshly squeezed oranges that give off a sweet and sugary taste with a fizzy undertone. 
Peach Ice: The icy and sweet taste of Peach Ice is sure to cool you off on even the hottest of days.
Lychee Ice : The cooling and succulent flavors of Lychee Ice is guaranteed to become one of your new favorite products from ORO.
Strawberry Ice: The natural flavors of fresh picked and sun-ripe strawberries clash together with a cooling menthol blend.
Lush Ice: The natural flavors of Icy sweet watermelon candy to create a combo with cool refreshing menthol.
Apple Ice: Ripe red apple flavors fresh from the orchard finally get the cool treatment they deserve from ORO. 
Melon Ice: The natural taste of sweet and savory melons has been mixed with a cooled menthol to give rise to a delicious flavor that has yet to be seen.  
Frozen Banana: The taste of Frozen Banana perfectly blends the taste of ripe and sweet bananas chilled with a cooling menthol.
Blue Raz: The sweet and fruity taste of blue raspberries are mixed with sweet candy to produce an ORO e-liquid like none other.
Cherry Lemonade: ORO's e-liquid device blends together the classic sour tang of Lemonade with the extra sweet undertone of cherry.
Strawberry Blueberry: The naturally sweet flavors of ripe strawberries come together with juicy blueberry to create a treat unlike all others.
Cool Mint: This cooling and icy mint flavor is sure to become one of your new favorite staples from ORO e-liquid.
Pineapple Soda: The sweet and bubbly taste of Pineapple soda promises to send your taste buds for a wild ride.
Berry Mix: The sweet and tangy flavors clash amongst your taste buds, bringing vapers the satisfyingly fruity experience that they crave.

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